Contacts Manager App

Contacts Manager app is basic utility tools for BlackBerry 10 users. You can maintain your contacts by cleaning/ removing/merging duplicate entries in thier Contacts. This app is the best way to deal with contacts as it supports both contacts files Vcard and Csv including backup, restore, and edit contacts functions.

Contacts Manager for BlackBerry 10 devices
Contacts Manager for BlackBerry 10 devices


  • Show duplicate contacts with count, based on option selected
  • Auto merge action will merge all the duplicates automatically.
  • On Clicking Duplicate Name, all contacts which have same name will be linked into one contact.user can unlink anytime later. User can merge manually or this app does automatic.
  • On Clicking Duplicate Number, it shows the list of duplicates phone number where each contact can be seen on clicking.User can merge manuall or automatic.
  • Import Contacts (Restore) by option to select file .vcf and .csv and merge contacts have four options.
  • Export Contacts (Backup) by option to select file .vcf and .csv .
  • Details and Edit Contacts
  • Delete all Contacts will delete all contact in device memory and (SIM cards contacts). It will not delete contacts associated with Gmail/yahoo mail online services.

  • *If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry® 10 App, do post here and developer will answer your concern

17 thoughts on “Contacts Manager App

  1. I have merged duplicate contacts by number, but still there showing duplicate numbers. How I can remove these phone numbers under one contact name.


    1. Solution:
      Some time a contact have same phone number entered as Mobile, Work, Home and Other Call number. Because numbers are associated with different category as work, mobile, home and other therefore it cannot remove/merge by 'Contacts Manager' app. App is merge only SAME phone number in diferent named contacts.

      To remove these duplicate numbers follow manual edit rule.
      Duplicate Contacts -> Option -> Select a option Phone Number -> Back -> click any phone number from list -> click contacts Name -> Open -> Edit -> remove duplicate phone number as per your choice -> Save.


  2. I did a merge on my contact file based on name. Here is the result:

    Before merge: 4212 records
    After merge: 3539 records as shown by BlackBerry Contact app
    After merge: ‎1373 records as shown by rakTheme Contacts Manager

    I still can see numerous duplicates even after performing the merge operations for a dozen time until the record figures became unchaged.

    Am I using an old version? The Blackberry store shows 2 identical version with similar descriptions but slightly different file size.

    Please help!


    1. The source of the duplication was from different Contact Lists from the old Blackberry 9900. Do you think your program still thinks that the duplicates are different since they were from different lists?


      1. Solution: Because you have two different contacts list therefore first <a href="" title="Duplicate Contacts Finder app is basic tool for BlackBerry® 10 users. By using this app you can maintain your contacts by cleaning duplicated entries in their contacts.">merge contacts than follow to edit each contacts if contacts have same phone number entries in Mobile, Work, Home and Other Call number.


    2. Solution: If you have gmail and yahoo mail contacts, which is auto synchronized to your device. To remove those contacts check online gmail/yahoo mail service by computer.If you have duplicate contacts than fix by online and than reboot your device.

      Q: How to remove duplicate contacts of gmail service by online
      Ans: Follow these step:
      1. Go to and login in your account
      2. Click Gmail and select Contacts OR
      3. Go to More and select Find & merge duplicates...
      4. Click Merge at bottum.


  3. Sir, I tried to merge contact and it proved to be a catastrophic. Just tell me how to unlink the contacts
    App name: Contacts Manager
    App Version:
    OS Version: 10.2.1
    Device Model: Z3
    Country: UnitedKingdom
    Language: English


  4. Just purchased the app and will not load up any of my contacts at all. Nothing happens at all after I press refresh. All of my contacts are linked to a Hotmail account, I do not use Gmail or Yahoo.

    Please help




    1. Solution: This app is loaded all contacts who have phone numbers in thier contact entries and will show after Refresh. It does not matter about hotmail/gmail/yahoo-mail or any other online service which is linked by user's BlackBerry 10 devices.
      After intallation of Contacts Manager application restart device (reboot), make sure network of mobile (internet/wifi) should be ON.


  5. I have purchased the app, but it’s not opening, when I click on app it’s open and gets close in 15 seconds.
    Please help


    1. Solution : Your ‘Contacts Manager ’ Application is not properly installed. Reinstall the “Contacts Manager” App from BlackBerry World. It’s free download for same BlackBerry ID. Some time Internet is slow, you can also download by Wi-Fi . Make sure your OS platform should be authentic not leaked OS.


  6. Hello. I was curious if this application is a separate contact list from my current one? I’m having an issue:

    Right now I’m sync’ing my contacts using Gmail contacts with the Address book in my blackberry device. I shutdown my device at night, I turn it on in the morning. If I need to make an urgent call in the morning the gmail contact list often won’t populate for like 15 minutes. So I have to wait for 15 minutes before the persons phone number will show up so I can call them. Is there some way to download these phone numbers directly to my device? I know the SIM card can support 250-500 contacts. I did a “Copy Contacts from Device to SIM” and it was only able to copy about 137 contacts (A lot of my contacts have a lot of information, so I suppose it can’t store anymore than that (even after trying to copy twice). My SIM card has 9GB freespace, so I know its not a space issue, it has to do possibly with some Integer byte thing

    Anyways, I want to be able to view my contacts to my device directly, so I can access them immediately when I turn on my phone instead of having to wait 15 minutes for gmail to load all of them in when I turn my device on in the morning. Is there a method to do this (SIM card isn’t good enough, because I have 2,500+ contacts). Can this application do this?


    1. Solution : Yes it's possible by Online Email & Contacts app.
      You need to export gmail contacts to your BlackBerry in VCard format and then install this file to your mobile.
      To complete this process install an application 'Online Email and Contacts' from BlackBerry World. Or go to this link
      You can Export gmail contacts and than save to your device or SD card. Now just click that file it wiil install to your device.
      Now there is no need to wait for sync.


  7. I am having problem using device swicth to transfer my contact from BlackBerry Q10 to new BlackBerry passport. Can I use your software to backup contact from Q10 in either. Vcf or. Csv in media card and import the contact to passport?


    1. Solution : Yes you can transfer your contacts to other device. Just Backup Contacts to your choice folder in device or SD card. Restore the contacts file to other devices. Backup and Restore Contacts can be possible by. VCard or.csv format.


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