Contacts Pro for BlackBerry 10

Get it at BlackBerry World. This app is basic tool for BlackBerry® 10 users. By using app you can maintain contacts by cleaning duplicated contacts and import export edite contacts .

Contacts Pro Application for BlackBerry 10 devices
Contacts Pro Application for BlackBerry 10 devices


User can simply backup all contacts to a single file for importing to other device, new device or other platform device which supports vCard v3.0 standard.
User can restore/import contacts into BlackBerry® 10 device.
This app is the best way to deal with contacts as it supports contact photo and export file with photo of contacts if there are.
Merge Contacts:
* Shows duplicate contacts with count, based on option selected in options
* Auto merge action will merge all the duplicates automatically.
* On Clicking Duplicate Name, all contacts which have same name will be linked into one contact. User can unlink anytime later. User can merge manually or this app does automatic.
* On Clicking Duplicate Number, it shows the list of duplicates phone number where each contact can be seen on clicking. User can merge manual or automatic.
* On merge, all the contacts will be merged.

Other Functions: Backup, Restore, Export Contacts, Import Contacts, Delete All
Important Notes:
1. In case of Merge Contacts by Option Phone Number, all the contacts who have same phone number will merge into one contact name. Example: a user have has many colleagues/friends who all have same company phone number, this app will link them all into one contact.
2. Read all the details carefully and follow.
Use in perfect way:
* It will good before use application “Contact Maintenance“, restart device, turn off network then run only this app.
* First export contacts to a file and save it as backup or use backup option in settings. In case of merge, check the contacts are real duplicate and do merge one duplicate contact by number/name if all is going well, now follow the steps given in help section.

*If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 application. do post here and developer will answer your concern.


0 thoughts on “Contacts Pro for BlackBerry 10

  1. Hi,
    I have a problem with this app when restore contact list.
    I’m using Vietnamese and when restore, the font was error.
    Pls check for this issue, and if u cannot fix this, I dont think I will use it anymore because it’s very inconvenient.

    1. Solution : This application is developed on BlackBerry native mode, and it's compatible with all international languages. Please check in quick setting. Check your language setting of device.

      Question : How to set default language of BlackBerry device?
      Answer : Tap top to bottom from home-page click on Settings -> Language and Input -> set Language and input language.

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