Duplicate Contacts Finder Merger

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Duplicat Contacts Finder Pro app is basic tool for BlackBerry® 10 users. By using this app you can maintain your contacts by cleaning duplicated entries in their contacts.

Duplicate Contacts Finder for BlackBerry 10
Duplicate Contacts Finder for BlackBerry 10

User can simply find duplicate contacts by Name/Phone Number and fix them.
User can send contacts to other platform device which supports vCard v3.0 standard.

This app is the best way to deal with contacts as it supports contacts photo and export file with photo of contacts if there are. You Can get it at BlackBerry World.

 *If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 application. do post here and developer will answer your concern.

14 thoughts on “Duplicate Contacts Finder Merger

    1. Solution: Your app couldn't download properly due to network problems. Reboot your device and download again. If your internet signal or package is weak than try to download by wifi.

  1. My contacts total is 2500 and the app shows 1100. Does not seem to recognize facebook contacts? Any advise?

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  3. I downloaded the app but it is not picking up my contacts. The free app does but not the paid one.

    1. Solution : Your ‘Duplicate Contacts Finder Pro’ Application is not properly installed. If you have still free version of this app, delete that. Reinstall the “Duplicate Contacts Finder” Pro App from BlackBerry World. It’s free download for same BlackBerry ID. Some time Internet is slow, you can also download by Wi-Fi .

  4. I ran the merge by phone number and don’t like what it did. I know I should have thought through it first, but its too late for that now.

    Any way to un-do it or will I have to delete all contacts and re-load from a back-up file?

  5. I tried downloading twice in my bbz10 both the time I was charged but the software was never downloaded!!! Why is it so?
    I need refund kindly contact me on my email.

    1. Solution : For refund go to the link : http://blck.by/1Mn72qA
      And follow the Blackberry Commerce refund policy and get it.

      You can not bought a app twice with same BlackBerry ID, because once you bought app from BlackBerry World, it would be free download of the same app with same BlackBerry ID.
      Some time Internet signal is low and user can not download the app. You can also download app at WiFi. It's for information only.

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