Theme Background for BlackBerry 10

Unlimited Pattern themes & Color wallpapers

Theme Background for BlackBerry 10 devices
Theme Background for BlackBerry 10 devices

This app is providing unlimited Theme Backgrounds and different plain color wallpaper. User can edit the background patterns and colors with 4 different theme effects and can convert into theme background of BlackBerry 10 devices. This behaviour creates different looks to BlackBerry smartphone. User can search different pattrent.

Get compatible theme for Blackberry 10 for OS 10.3 and above are click for Theme Plus here ( BlackBerry Classic and Passport)


*User can change navigation bar style
*Different shadow for phone, search and camera icons
*Different shadow for battery,clock and signal bar style
*User can search and apply thousands background theame

Search fanmilar keywords: Blue ,strip, black, net, night, metal, strips and many more.

Search for pink girls: pink, animal, putple, fasion, kitty, hello kity and many more


ignal bar style

*** For mor Free/Paid apps search ‘rakTheme’***

*If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 App, do post here and developer will answer your concern.

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