Files Security for BlackBerry

Name explained function of Files Security application for BlackBerry 10 all devices.

Files SEcurity for BlackBerry 10
Files SEcurity for BlackBerry 10

  • App provide highly confidential data but its slow. Orientation to landscape and portrait mode is supported. Enhanced security for documents of BlackBerry.It will hide and password protection to user data and all possible files.User can lock thier personal login data of website or your mail password and username.

    • *If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 App, do post here and developer will answer your concern.

3 thoughts on “Files Security for BlackBerry

  1. I have a problem with application, ‘cos it doesn’t hide anything. Files are shown in application, but on mobile as well. So, they’re not hidden, neither secured. So, where’s is the problem or what should I do!?


  2. I have made upgrade version of FILES SECURITY app, it also includes folders to secure. The upgrade version is compatible with OS 10.3.1 and above. Make sure your device have officially released OS.


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