RingTones for BlackBerry

RingTonesĀ application contain more than 200 Tones for different categories.

RingTones for BlackBerry 10 devices
RingTones for BlackBerry 10 devices


Settings-> App Manager ->Go to Application Permissions …. -> Ringtones -> Shared Files On

Tones are designed for special categories:
*Phone Ringtones
*Email Tones
*Text/SMS Tones
*Reminder/Alarm Tones
*BBMtwitterfacebook/LinkdIN/other application Tones
*Musical RingTones

  • *If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 App, do post here and developer will answer your concern.

2 thoughts on “RingTones for BlackBerry

  1. I don’t want to give you access to all my documents, files pictures or anything. If you need this information, please refund my money and I will delete this application.
    I am prompted to “allow this app to access pictures, music, documents, & other files stored on your device, at a remote storage provider, on a media card or in the cloud”.

    Why do I need to give your company access to all of this information when selecting a ring tone?


    1. Solution: There is no access for your document. App need permission from user to make entries for Ringtones. By which app will create a Ringtone sub-folder in device/music folder. BlackBerry device is work like very secure system, therefore this permission needed to run this app. This app can not work and install Tones without user permission. App can not get information from users data.


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