Recorder Pro

Record your call conversations using the call recorder.

Recorder Pro for BlackBerry 10 devices
Recorder Pro for BlackBerry 10 devices

You can

Sometimes, it’s important for you to record and save the conversation with someone. Now with call Recorder you can easily record the calls with just one click or put on auto mode.

Call Recorder also facilitates you to automatically record the conversation.Recording will be stored in Subfolder of music named recording. User can rename recorder file.


* Record Calls automatically and manually.
* Personal Recorder is also available for general purpose
* Recorded clips will be saved as per your choice
* Record pause and play buttons are there
* Unlimited sound recording
* Recording files will be saved with time and date
* Unlimited Clip Size

The intent of this application is for businesses that need to record their calls for documentation purposes. The use of recordings made through this app, depending on their content, may be subject to various local laws in your region. Please review local laws and use at your own discretion.

*If you need help or support regarding this BlackBerry 10 App, do post here and developer will answer your concern

0 thoughts on “Recorder Pro

  1. I have bought recorder pro and “auto call record” will not stay selected so I am not recording calls. What must be done to fix this issue.

  2. I’ve paid phone recorder, and I’ve putted 3 stars because I can’t rename or delete the files (but I seen the path with an explorer program); solvable opening the explorer program to the right path.
    Isn’t intuitive move the files.
    1.I’ve started a record during a conversation and that file isn’t readable.
    2.I’ve got 2 calls with auto call record on, but only 1 was right to

    1. Solution:
      This app is work on secure mode, no one see the recorded file or delete file within the application.

      Delete file : click Files Manager -> Music folder -> My recording -> now you can delete recoded file.

      User can not save two record file simultaneously. In auto record mode, end of call you will first save the file than save second call by your choice of name.

      Once your record finish.....
      Just name it recorded file, it will save with your given name along with time and date

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