Organizer for BlackBerry 10

Organize with Personal Checklist and ToDo activity for BlackBerry 10.

Organizer for BlackBerry 10
Organizer for BlackBerry 10 

App have To Do List divided into 16 Categories. User can make unlimited events entries in each category.
Any events/notes can be put on Calender and notify by sound at specific set time.
Reminder is included with Calender on your lock screen.user can remind any categories entry by email calender.
In any Category you can mark events entry as Favourite and Flag.
User can divide task as incompletd or Completed in diffrente color red/green, which will visible by one click on main page of application.

2 thoughts on “Organizer for BlackBerry 10

  1. Please help. I am using Q5 BlackBerry. I purchased File Security application because I needed it coupled with the review I read about it. To my surprise, videos,document, pictures etc hidden with the help of this application cannot be retrieved for opening once they are hidden. I will appreciate your assistance. Onaade Adeoye


    1. Solution : it's very simple just open the Files Security app and login with your password. You will see all your hidden files, and can unlock the files. Once you unlock, you can see in BlackBerry device.
      If you forget your password than you just follow the given instructions and get password or reset login password.


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