TAPE – Call Recorder Pro

Without start ‘Call Recorder Pro‘ record your call conversations, it would run background.

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Call Recorder Pro for BlackBerry OS10.3  Devices
Call Recorder Pro for BlackBerry OS10.3 Devices



Sometimes, it’s important for you to record and save the conversation with someone. Now with call Recorder you can easily record the calls on automatic mode. there is many options to facilitate the user.
Options are:
Record while call connected — Automatic, Prompt, Off
Record — All Calls, Only Calls in Special Call List
Record Formate — .m4A (medium voice quality), .wav ( for best quality), .amr ( low quality recording)
Save in — Device, SD Card and inside application
SecurityPassword protection of recording ON/OFF
Theme — Auto Theme, Dark and Light
Notifications — LED glowing, Vibration, Special sound, Hub notify after record a call
Recorded file — Rename file, Export as ( in any folder with user choice file name)
User can add special phone numbers in a list to record only.

Recording will be stored by user choice Subfolder or default folder Voice/MyRecording. User can rename recorder file.


* Record Calls automatically and manually.
* Personal Recorder is also available for general purpose
* Recorded clips will be saved as per your choice
* Record Stop and play buttons are there
* Unlimited sound recording
* Recording files will be saved with phone number, time and date
* Unlimited Clip Size

The intent of this application is for businesses that need to record their calls for documentation purposes.

*The use of recordings made through this app, depending on their content, may be subject to various local laws in your region. Please review local laws and use at your own discretion.

*If you have need help regarding this BlackBerry 10 application. Write down your comments OR question, developer will answer in this blog.


5 thoughts on “TAPE – Call Recorder Pro

  1. I am trying to make this app better recording, even without speaker mode. User can check upgrades of TAPE.


    1. The app is not recording any thing other than when speaker is on. All recorded files are blank if headset or if phone mouth piece is used for call recording. Our money and time is wasted if this is not resolved, I have not been able to find any single app on blackberry 10 which can address this issue. Please save blackberry by resolving this issue and also add caller ID name with phone number and GPS location for the saved files in this app. Call recording app is very important for me to catch lies of our company employer in the country where I reside, with out recording we are too much vulnerable here and I don’t want to switch to Android which seems to work flawlessly. Your app also doesn’t save recordings when on auto settings.


  2. Excellent app.
    Bluetooth phone calls do not record the voice of the person called. The voice you hear in the background.


  3. Outstanding blog as well as the app. Currently, i am using Total Recall android call recorder application and it is working superfluous on my HTC device. Records two sided talks and auto upload files on your email account.


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