SMS Spam Blocker Pro

App block all unwanted and spam SMS (Text messages).

“SMS Spam Blocker Pro” is running in background, you don’t need to open the app to Block Spam MMS and SMS

**BLOCK SMS from unlimited specific contacts entered in Msg. Block List

**Spam Notification is enabled in Settings of app as LED glow, Vibrate, Sound and Hub notifications.

PERMISSIONS – Application requires some permissions to work correctly
* Run in Background: To monitor Text messages(sms and mms)
* Shared Files: To Backup and Restore database
* Contact: To get the information of contacts to add to the block and allow text msg. lists

*If you need help regarding this BlackBerry 10 application. Write down your comments OR question, developer will answer in this blog.


6 thoughts on “SMS Spam Blocker Pro

  1. Hello there,
    I tested your app yesterday. I added a number to be blocked. This morning, I unblocked the contact and deleted the app. However, I now received a notification from my phone informing me that your app is still blocking messages from that contact.
    I tried downloading your app again, but the contact is now listed there anymore.
    How may I remedy to this situation?
    Thank you in advance for a short response.

  2. I installed this and I have tried to add a number to my white list and it won’t let me call. I received a call from the number today and tried to add it to my white list but it will not come through. The only way I could fix it was to un-install the app. I

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