Clouds + Mails for iPhone and iPad

Clouds + Mails for iPhone/iPad

Clouds + Mails” application have 4 Clouds and 3 Mail services integration within this app

  • Clouds + Mails for iPhone and iPad, provide Clouds integration for OneDrive, Google Drive,  DropBox and Box service to consumer with major email service provider i.e. Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook,Hotmail and Microsoft mail.
  •  New in this application is CLOUDS:
  • * Sync your files from your computers to your iPhone/iPad with clouds.
  • * Open images and other media directly through the app.
  • * Search through your Clouds integration instantly.
  • * Enhancements to the work space by your device.
  • * Import files from your computer and other source of compatible clouds.
  • * Performance improvements* Share important files. Documents and photo/video.
  • * Quickly access presentations from your device.


It’s a Online application. User can eliminate duplicate contacts, restore, import, export, merge duplicate and find gmail contacts online by this app and many more for other (yahoo-mail, outlook, Microsoft mail and hotmail) mail provider. User can write, read and send mail through OnlineMail and by Clouds+Mails application.

*If you need help regarding this iPhone application. Write down your comments OR question, developer will answer in this blog.


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