Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone and iPad

**There is no need of internet connection to download the ringtones. This app have ringtones inside the application.

Ringtones App have more than 110 tones for Phone, SMS, Email, Contacts and other downloaded application as like BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatsApp etc. apps.

All ringtones are specially redesigned for their specific purpose.
Tones are designed for special categories;
* Phone Ringtones
1. Bell Tones
2. Effects Tones
3. Musical Tones
4. Voice Tones
* Email Tones
1. Tones
2. Voice Tones
* Text/SMS Tones
1. Tones
2. Voice Tones
*Reminder/Alarm Tones
*Other application Tones

*If you need help regarding this iPhone application. Write down your comments OR question, developer will answer in this blog.

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  1. How do I cancel my subscription to tones . Downloaded by mistake, thought it was ring back tones app

  2. I downloaded the set of Tones which are very good. Can they be installed using iTunes in Windows ?

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