Hybrid Cloud for iphone

Hybrid Clouds App

Hybrid Cloud app have activated with Google drive, Dropbox, Box and Onedrive Cloud. You can get here.
User can download/upload file from cloud and keep auto storage in iPhone/iPad/Cloud/iCloud.

Hybrid Cloud Features:
* Sync your files from your computer/mobile to your iPhone/iPad
* Quickly access presentations from your device.
* Open images/videos and other media directly through the app.
* Search through Clouds instantly by app.
* Import files from your computer/devices.
* Performance improvements with progress indicator.
* Share important files. Documents and photo/video by iPhone/iPad.
*Upload photo/video from iPhone/iPad to google drive.
* Enhancements to the work space by your device.
*Upload all type of files from iClouds to google drive

2 thoughts on “Hybrid Cloud for iphone

  1. Can we access to multiple accounts of these cloud storage services?
    What about Google Shared Folder?

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